Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Every piece of equipment in a restaurant that uses gas, electricity, or water will perform better and safer if regularly cleaned. The thing with many restaurant operators is they don’t put a premium on cleanliness, so long as they can still prepare and serve food to patrons.

But this is a mistake. Cleaning your equipment regularly can help it run more efficiently, reduce the risk of contamination, and save you money in repairs or replacements later on.

Safety guidelines must be followed when cleaning restaurant equipment, and this is the very reason why you’re better off hiring a professional cleaning service. But if you do choose to clean the equipment yourself, make sure that you understand how to do it safely and correctly. Here are some tips for cleaning restaurant equipment:

  • Always unplug electrical equipment before starting the cleaning process.

  • Wear gloves and masks while cleaning, as this will help protect you from bacteria, chemicals, and other airborne particles.

  • Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the surface of the equipment.

  • Use a brush or steel wool to scrub off any grease and grime.

  • Rinse the equipment thoroughly with hot water after cleaning.

  • Make sure to dry all surfaces completely

Those are just some of the basic tips for cleaning restaurant equipment. But if you want to be relieved of the tasks of cleaning and sanitizing, there’s always the option of working with Windsor Hood Cleaning.

Restaurant Equipment Cleaning
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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist: The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Guide

Keeping your fast food restaurant in pristine condition starts with a spotless kitchen, which is why it’s crucial to maintain a comprehensive cleaning checklist. Be sure you don’t overlook the following areas:

Floors – Sweep, mop, and scrub all floors regularly.

• Walls – Wipe down walls and paint over any scuffs or marks.

• Appliances – Clean and disinfect all appliances, inside and out.

• Cabinets and Drawers – Vacuum out drawers and cabinets as needed.

• Smallwares – Wash dishes, pot/pans, utensils, small equipment by hand or in the dishwasher.

• Refrigerators  and Freezers – Clean inside and out on a weekly basis.

• Countertops – Wipe down countertops with a sanitizing cleaner.

• Sinks – Scrub sinks using an abrasive pad or brush to remove food particles.

This checklist is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maintaining a clean, safe kitchen. But if you can stay on top of these items, you should have no problem keeping your restaurant looking and feeling its best. And to help you expedite the cleaning process, you can always work with us. Call us anytime – we’re always ready to help!


Cooking equipment is the unsung hero of restaurant operations. Without it, there’s no food to serve! But as you know, cooking equipment requires special attention when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing. Four out of five Windsor, Ontario restaurants choose to outsource this task to a professional service, and for a valid reason.

We provide extensive cooking equipment cleaning services, from deep fryers and charbroilers to ovens and grills. We recognize that the focal point of your restaurant operations is serving food and not cleaning. We get that. It’s why you never should be left burdened with the task of cleaning and sanitizing your cooking equipment. We’ll handle it for you – with precision, finesse, and the fastest turnaround time in the industry! Call our team right away! We’ll get things started.

Back-of-House Cleaning Checklist

Cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria are the two primary concerns you’ll address with professional back-of-house cleaning. Here are Windsor Hood Cleaning, our coverage includes the following tasks:

  • Disinfecting prep areas, shelves and surfaces

  • Deep cleaning of ovens and stoves

  • Polishing exhaust hoods and filters

  • Cleaning floors and walls

  • Sanitizing storage areas

  • Removing grease from exhaust systems

  • Cleaning refrigerators, freezers and other appliances

  • Disinfecting all sinks, faucets, and drains

These are just some of the back-of-house cleaning tasks that we offer. If you’re ready to give your restaurant the attention it deserves, contact us ASAP!

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commercial kitchen cleaning services

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Aside from engaging in the best cleaning and maintenance practices for your commercial kitchen operations, you must also invest in professional services for regular deep cleaning jobs. Delegating this task to your in-house staff won’t cut it, and here are the reasons why:

  • You and your people aren’t certified in proper kitchen cleaning techniques

  • Your staff’s time is better spent serving customers and prepping food

  • You may not have access to the necessary equipment or cleaning products

We take care of hundreds of kitchens in Windsor, Ontario. That massive clientele goes to show that we’re doing something right. We use proven cleaning technologies and processes to guarantee that your kitchen isn’t just compliant but also a wonderful place to cook and prepare food.

Grease Restaurant Kitchen Floor

Give your kitchen floor the attention it deserves. With the naked eye, you won’t be able to see the grease that builds up over time from spills, splashes and dropped food. But if it’s not removed, it’ll  cause serious problems in your kitchen, including a violation of health codes and a potential fire hazard.

Kitchen floor cleaning focuses on removing accumulated grease, which ultimately eliminates the presence of bacteria and contaminants that thrive in it. Contact our representatives right away if you wish to maintain a clean, safe, and sanitaized kitchen floor.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

We offer monthly kitchen cleaning services deemed necessary by local health and fire safety regulations. The monthly cleaning job incorporates all the duties typical of a deep clean. This includes cleaning exhaust systems, ovens, stoves and charbroilers as well as floor mopping and sweeping, wall washing, refrigerators and freezers sanitizing, and more.

As a bonus, our representatives will come in and check how well you’re complying with health codes. That way, if there’s something that needs your attention, you’ll know right away. We take pride in our fast and reliable services, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your restaurant compliant!



The objective of professional kitchen cleaning is to get in there fast and get out even faster. We recognize that any downtime in your business can be costly, and so we adjust our services to meet your needs. Whether you need a quick cleaning before the next shift or a complete overhaul of all kitchen surfaces, it’s no problem for us!

We also provide flexible scheduling options. Our team is available seven days a week and can come in at any time that’s convenient for your business. We promise you’d be satisfied at how work we do – combining attention to detail and a quick turnaround.

Windsor Commercial Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Restaurant equipment necessitates just as much attention and care as the rest of your commercial kitchen. Windsor Hood Cleaning offers cleaning services for your stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, copper and brass surfaces.

We use a variety of cleansers including degreasers, sanitizers and polishers so that all surfaces are clean, spotless and shiny. This is especially important since these surfaces are subject to high temperatures, which accelerates the collection of dirt, grime, oil and grease.

If you want your restaurant equipment to receive the atmost care, contact us today and let us take on the tough job of commercial restaurant kitchen cleaning.

Restaurant Steam Cleaning Equipment in Windsor

High-pressure steam cleans like no other. This old albeit reliable method is still used by everyone in the industry for restaurant kitchen deep cleaning. With high-powered pressure washers, steam cleaners and detergents, we can break down stubborn grease and effectively remove it from your surfaces.

Steam cleaning not only cleans but also sanitizes – all thanks to the hot steam that reaches up to 250°F. And because it’s chemical-free and non-abrasive, it’s the perfect solution for restaurant kitchen cleaning.

If you want to maintain your commercial kitchen in top-notch condition, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about our steam cleaning services!

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Kitchen equipment encompasses a variety of items including ovens, stoves, fryers, and countertops. These surfaces go through a ton of wear and tear, ultimately making them vulnerable to inefficient operation. Sometimes, the lack of maintenance results in dangerous situations, such as fires.

That being said, your job is to keep all kitchen equipment clean and well-maintained to avoid any unexpected and untoward events. We’re here to help you:

  • Clean your commercial kitchen equipment using steam and pressure washing technology

  • Degrease and sanitize all surfaces where food and drinks are prepared

  • Polish appliances to prevent corrosion and rust buildup

  • Deep clean the exhaust hood and related components to maintain and improve your ventilation system

Work with only the best in the restaurant cleaning industry. Call us so we can get things started!

Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Certain “unwritten” rules ought to be followed when cleaning restaurant equipment. For instance, cleaning ought to be done in a systematic process. This includes cleaning the exteriors, followed by surfaces that come into contact with food, and then appliances and vents.

Another rule is to consistently deep clean and sanitize. We recommend deep cleaning the equipment at least once a month – this is done best with high-powered steam cleaning machines.

Moreover, make sure to use approved detergents and disinfectants when sanitizing. You can’t just use any type of cleaning agent as some might damage surfaces. On the other hand, you can’t also settle for soft detergents meant for household cleaning; they won’t do the job of removing grease.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Equipment in Windsor, ON

Cleaning a kitchen exhaust hood is no DIY job. The complexity and safety hazards require the pros to take on the task. With our steam cleaning equipment, power washer, and other hood cleaning accessories, we’ll clean your kitchen exhaust hoods without having to use harsh chemicals or abrasive solvents. We’ve been at it for over two decades, so there’s no reason to change things up.

We’ll also check your entire system – from the hood filters, canopy, ducts and fans – for any signs of grease buildup and fire hazards. If any part needs to be replaced, we’ll cover that too!

We guarantee the highest level of service quality when it comes to restaurant hood cleaning – from equipment diagnostics, through cleaning and maintenance. Call us and let’s work together towards keeping a safe restaurant kitchen.


Don’t let grease buildup become a problem for your restaurant. Grease remains on surfaces and can become flammable if not regularly cleaned out. The purpose of a grease trap is to reduce the amount of grease that’s discharged from your kitchen into the sewage system.

You need to empty and clean out the trap on a regular basis – at least once a month. And this is where we come in: we know what needs to be done to handle the filth in grease traps and we do it fast. Yes, you can delegate this chore to your people, but we don’t recommend it. Dealing with grease traps is way too complicated for any untrained person.

How to Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

We embrace a six-step commercial kitchen equipment cleaning strategy:

1. Inspection: We inspect the kitchen and its equipment to identify potential problems that need attention.

2. Cleaning: We use a super-heated steam cleaning process to clean all surfaces, from the walls to cooking equipment.

3. Sanitizing: Our sanitizing method relies on the use of high-grade detergents and disinfectants that abide by health codes.

4. Polishing: We make sure all appliances look like new after we finish polishing them.

5. Grease Trap Cleaning: Our process for grease trap cleaning is safe and effective, as it relies on special degreasers to dissolve and capture any grease.

6. Maintenance: We won’t just clean your kitchen equipment, we’ll also inspect and replace any worn or outdated parts.

If you need help with restaurant equipment cleaning, we’re the ones to call.

Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

To keep your restaurant in tip-top shape, you need to make sure all cleaning processes are done with consistency in mind. This includes weekly tasks such as deep cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, monthly tasks that involve descaling of kitchen equipment and polishing of fixtures, and yearly maintenance for ovens and exhaust hoods.

The key to successful restaurant cleaning is to stick to a schedule. But you don’t have to carry that burden all by yourself. We can keep your commercial kitchen clean and organized on a weekly, monthly, or yearly schedule, so that you don’t have to worry about it.