What is a Type 2 commercial hood?

What is a Type 2 commercial hood?

Understanding Commercial Type 2 Hoods

Type 2 commercial hoods are intended to keep your kitchen and employees safe from grease fires. Most jurisdictions in the United States require these hoods if you intend to cook with any type of solid fuel, such as charcoal or gas.

Type 2 commercial hoods are classified into two types: full-service and self-contained. Full-service hoods have an exhaust fan and a make-up air unit that work together to remove all of your kitchen’s smoke, heat, and odors. Because self-contained hoods only have an exhaust fan, they are less effective at removing smoke and heat. They are, however, much easier to install and usually less expensive than full-service hoods.

When selecting a Type 2 commercial hood, consider the size of your kitchen, as well as the type of cooking you, ‘ll be doing. If you have a small kitchen or only intend to use your stovetop on occasion, a self-contained hood should suffice. However, if you have a large kitchen or intend to use your oven and fryer frequently, you will require a full-service hood.

A Type 2 commercial hood is intended to remove excess heat from the air in a commercial kitchen or another setting. These hoods are typically used above ovens, pasta cookers, and dishwashers to create a more comfortable working environment for those nearby. Condensate hoods function by exhausting the hot air produced by these appliances, thereby keeping the area cooler and preventing the accumulation of heat-related fumes.

If you’re not sure which type of Type 2 commercial hood is best for your needs, speak with a professional contractor or consultant who can advise you.

Advantages of a Type 2 Commercial Hood

There are numerous advantages to selecting a Type 2 commercial hood for your business. The most important advantage is that Type 2 hoods are legally required in many jurisdictions for certain types of businesses, such as restaurants. This means that if you choose a Type 2 hood, you can be confident that you are meeting all of the required safety standards.

Another advantage of using a Type 2 commercial hood is that they are more effective than other types of commercial hoods at removing smoke and grease from the air. This is because of their design, which includes an inclined baffle plate that aids in the creation of strong airflow. This means that your kitchen will remain cleaner and safer, and your employees will be less likely to develop respiratory issues.

Finally, Type 2 commercial hoods are more durable and last longer than other commercial hood types. This is due to the higher quality materials and construction methods used. A Type 2 commercial hood is the way to go if you want a long-lasting, dependable hood.

Maintenance Recommendations for Type 2 Commercial Hoods

When it comes to maintaining your type 2 commercial hood, there are a few key points to remember:

1. Make sure to clean the filters on a regular basis; this will help to ensure that your hood operates efficiently and will also help to extend its lifespan.

2. Inspect the ductwork for any blockages or buildup; if you find any, have them cleaned out as soon as possible; and

3. Inspect the grease traps and drains on a regular basis, cleaning them as needed.