Hood Cleaning Service in Windsor

The success of your restaurant and the safety of the people inside it depends on how you embrace cleanliness and hygiene. One of the important things that you need to take care of is the hoods over your cooking range.

Exhaust hoods get constantly bombarded with oil, grease, smoke and other particles. No matter how modern or sophisticated they are, they’ll give in to the accumulation of these particles and will require cleaning. You don’t want to risk your customers’ health, do you?

Windsor Hood Cleaning offers professional hood cleaning services to keep your exhaust hoods in shape and keep the fire hazard away from your restaurant. Contact us to learn more about what we’re offering and how you stand to benefit from expert hood cleaning.

Hood Cleaning Service in Windsor
Commercial hood cleaners of windsor

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Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services | Hood Cleaning Ontario

A clean kitchen environment is a necessity to prepare and serve good food to patrons. In a restaurant setting, professional exhaust hood cleaning is non-negotiable. The absence of a laid-out plan on how to clean and maintain the hood doesn’t just lead to higher insurance premiums and possible penalties; it may also lead to a health hazard for your customers and the people you rely on – your staff.

We offer reliable and professional exhaust hood cleaning services custom-made to meet the unique needs of restaurant kitchens in Ontario. Our qualified cleaners are well-versed in the following:

  • Grease Exhaust Cleaning

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Hood Vents and Ducts Cleaning

  • Fire Suppression System Testing and Maintenance

  • Rooftop Grease Containment Device Installation

  • Exhaust Fan Hinge Installation

Reach out to us today – let our experts take care of your exhaust hood cleaning concerns.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Ontario

Our best offer to you is a quick turnaround time. One out of three commercial kitchen operators chooses to delay hiring a professional hood cleaning service, often because they can’t afford a substantial disruption to their restaurant operations.

But we beg to differ. With over two decades in this industry, we know how to do kitchen hood cleaning in the quickest yet most detailed manner. We go to your place of business, inspect the state of your hoods, and then get to work. We’ll be out of there in no time, leaving you with an exhaust hood that is good as new and ready for your next meal service.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Windsor ON

The role of a kitchen exhaust system isn’t usually appreciated until it stops functioning. You don’t want that to happen, as it means a disruption of your business. When kitchen hoods become too filthy, they cease to keep the kitchen environment safe.

The only remedy is to embrace a regular hood cleaning schedule; we’re here to help. We offer an unparalleled service in cleaning commercial kitchen hoods, highlighted by:

  • Professional and experienced cleaners

  • Intensity-driven cleaning approach

  • Use of only the best available tools and techniques

  • Affordable and competitive rates

  • Quick turnaround time

You don’t get any better service than this! Contact us now – we promise to exceed your expectations!

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Grease Residue

Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service

Our premium exhaust hood cleaning service for Windsor, ON, restaurants incorporates these unique elements:

  • Pre-cleaning inspection of the hoods

  • Disassembly and removal of fan blades, baffles, filters, etc.

  • Steam cleaning of all sections, from filters to motors

  • Buffing and polishing to restore the original lustre of your kitchen hoods

  • Re-installation of all components

  • Post-cleaning inspection to ensure everything’s in place

However, our commitment to using only eco-friendly cleaning solutions sets us apart from the competition.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Windsor Ontario

Our approach in restaurant hood cleaning is simple: deal with individual parts and the entire system. We know how important this is, as a clean kitchen hood can prevent the spread of fire and smoke in your restaurant.

In addition to cleaning, we also make sure that these components are functioning properly:

  • Fire suppression systems

  • Grease containment devices

  • Ducts and vents

  • Exhaust fans

  • Filters

  • Hinges

At the end of the service, your exhaust hood will be functioning as expected, and you won’t have to worry about any possible health hazard or insurance penalty. That’s our guarantee!

Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive kitchen hood cleaning services in Windsor, ON.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Windsor ON

We proudly offer the foremost kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service in Windsor, ON. Rest assured that hazardous grease and smoke will always be kept at bay from your restaurant kitchen to guarantee a safe environment for customers and employees.

The key to this entire process is regular intervals. It means that no deep cleaning will suffice if it isn’t given a follow-up. We conduct regular inspections and cleaning of exhaust hoods, ducts, vents, baffles, fire suppression systems and other components of your kitchen’s air management system.

We have the best tools in this industry – from foamers to pressure washers – which enable us to guarantee a deep clean of your exhaust hoods. We will pay attention to even the smallest details so that you don’t have any reason to worry.


Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Near Me

Keeping your commercial kitchen up to code is challenging as you consider all the other restaurant management aspects. Cleaning the exhaust hood could be the last thing on your mind right now.

But you’re never alone – we are here to care for your commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning needs. We offer a full-service job that includes pre-cleaning and post-cleaning inspections. All you have to do is call us; we’ll take it from there!

Hood Vent Cleaning Windsor Ontario Canada

Keep the hood vent in optimum condition with our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services. Every restaurant operator must acknowledge how easy it is for the vents to collect dust, particles and grease.

The solution to this problem is nothing complex or expensive: hire our hood vent cleaning service in Windsor, ON. Our cleaning strategy revolves around producing a thorough and deep clean of filters, fan blades, baffles, ducts and motors using steam, power washing, and degreasers. There’s no magic behind it – just dedication and hard work!

Windsor Restaurant Hood Cleaning

The single most important reason for professional hood cleaning is fire prevention. The way we do this is to remove any grease that has accumulated within your restaurant’s hood and exhaust system. While some of our clients choose a one-time affair, we highly recommend that you work with us for the long haul. The reason is that grease builds up gradually over time and can become a fire hazard if ignored.

We also provide maintenance services beyond the routine cleaning of hoods, exhaust systems and ducts. We guarantee to deliver you a safe kitchen with our comprehensive service.

So don’t wait for the worst to happen – contact us today for restaurant hood cleaning.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Windsor

Aside from fire prevention, letting experts take care of hood cleaning will improve air quality in your kitchen space. This is possible because we use a powerful vacuum system to remove all the contaminants from your hood and other kitchen fixtures. We also replace air filters, check for leaks and inspect any additional safety measures that must be taken.

There’ll be no compromises when it comes to safety. We guarantee that our kitchen hood cleaning services will provide the most worth for your money. Call us today – we have a free estimate waiting for you!

Commercial Hood Cleaning for Windsor Restaurants

Commercial hood cleaning effectively prevents kitchen equipment breakdown. When the equipment you use to cook and prepare food is clogged with grease and other lingering residues, it can cause overheating. This is where we come in to help.

Our commercial hood cleaning services include thoroughly vacuuming all surfaces, high-pressure washing and degreasing the exhaust system’s interior, exterior and filters. What’s more? We conduct routine inspections always to deliver extraordinary results.

We understand that you don’t have the time or resources to do a thorough commercial hood cleaning. That’s why we’re here – our certified technicians are trained, reliable and dedicated to your kitchen’s safety.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Near Me

One of the reasons we always tell our clients about commercial hood cleaning is that the lack of it translates into long-term insufficient airflow within the kitchen. This means that the kitchen temperature rises and the operation of your kitchen equipment is jeopardized.

You don’t want this to happen to your kitchen, as it causes a major disruption to your business. It can also lead to premature damage to your equipment. You can’t afford to lose out on profits, so why not invest in our commercial kitchen hood cleaning services? If you’re ready to take that next step, call us soon!

Commercial HVAC Cleaning Services

Windsor Hood Cleaning handles all cleaning and maintenance needs connected to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. The HVAC system performs a job like no other – it is an irreplaceable component of your restaurant, as it is responsible for cooling and heating the entire kitchen.

Our HVAC cleaning includes overseeing all components within the system – fan blades, filters, ducts, motors and baffles – cleaning them using steam and degreasers. We’ve been using the same technique for years because we know it works.

Should you require HVAC cleaning services, contact us!

Range Hood Cleaning

Range hood cleaning the professional way involves a rather straightforward process:

  • Inspection of the hood, ducts, filters, and exhaust fans to determine the necessary level of cleaning

  • Disassembly of the hood’s components

  • Steam cleaning of all parts and power washing selected areas

  • Re-installation of all parts and components

  • Reassembly of the hood

  • Final inspection

But that’s not all. We also provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Re-wiring the hood and fan

  • Replacement of gaskets and seals

  • Polishing for stainless steel components

  • Lubrication of motors and bearings

  • Application of corrosion protection products to protect against future damage

  • Testing of fire suppression systems

You get the most out of your foray into kitchen hood cleaning with us. We like to call it “money well spent.”

Cleaning Range Hood

Cleaning the range hood is a job that professionals are way better off handling. By counting on us for this service, you ensure it is done thoroughly and safely. We will deal with the hood’s outside and inside so that everything from filters to fan blades is grease-free – and stays that way.

We also use eco-friendly cleaning products that won’t damage your range hood’s finish or corrode its components. You can trust us for an impeccable job every time.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Our restaurant cleaning service is an all-inclusive package that includes all the essential points of a clean and safe kitchen. We provide deep cleaning services for the following:

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Walls

  • Windows

  • Countertops

  • Floor and carpets

  • Ceiling fans

  • Exhaust systems

  • Hoods

  • Ventilation systems

  • Ductwork

Be reminded that all our services come with a warranty, so there’s a certain level of confidence that you’ll get value for your money.