Windsor Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Cleanliness and safety are two paramount concerns for any commercial kitchen. Exhaust systems are key components of a restaurant’s ventilation system and must be kept clean and debris-free. The problem is it’s not an easy task. Commercial kitchen operators are riddled with various responsibilities, most notably the cooking and serving of food, and the rigorous cleaning of their kitchen exhaust system can easily slip through the cracks.

The lack of attention and time is why commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning makes perfect sense. Outsourcing cleaning the kitchen hood guarantees consistent cleaning and allows restaurant operators to focus on the other necessities of running a successful business.

Windsor Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
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Windsor Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Exhaust hood cleaning starts with a meticulous inspection. Here is Windsor Hood Cleaning; we don’t proceed with any kitchen hood cleaning job until a thorough inspection of your system is completed. We always tell our clients that arriving at the location to assess the situation is an indispensable first step. It’s the only way to properly determine the cleaning and maintenance needs of their exhaust system and kitchen.

After our inspection, we’ll proceed with the actual cleaning process, which involves removing any debris from racks or filters, wiping down all accessible surfaces, steam-cleaning your entire hood system, and making sure that it’s running at optimal efficiency.

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Companies in Windsor

We have the capability and equipment to take on any kitchen exhaust cleaning challenge. All food service establishments in Windsor, Ontario, will benefit from our services across several fronts:

1. Improved air quality: We use every cleaning procedure available so your kitchen is free of smoke, fumes, dust and other elements that can contaminate the air.

2. Reduced Risk of Fire: Our deep cleaning methodology eliminates all possible sources of fire in your kitchen exhaust system.

3. Reduced Utility Costs: Cleaning your kitchen hood ensures it’s running efficiently, and you’ll save money on costly energy bills.

4. Improved Performance: With a regular maintenance schedule, your kitchen exhaust system will remain in top working order for as long as possible.

We’re Ontario’s most dependable provider of kitchen exhaust cleaning, so don’t hesitate to contact us for your restaurant’s needs.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Most commercial kitchens use an upblast exhaust fan to rid the air of grease, smoke and other contaminants. The upblast fan comes with very specific cleaning and maintenance needs. For example, the fan blades must be sufficiently greased, and the motor bearings should be regularly lubricated.

We care for all types of fans, including upblast fans. Our cleaning process includes wiping down our fan housing, removing grease from any accessible surfaces, vacuuming the interior of the ventilator, and degreasing all surfaces.

Trust in the experienced and certified professionals at Windsor Hood Cleaning for Ontario’s best kitchen exhaust cleaning services!

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Commercial Kitchen Hood System

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

We’re offering an extensive array of exhaust hood cleaning specialty services, including but not limited to:

Deep Cleaning – The kitchen hood deserves deep cleaning every six months for optimal performance. Our team of experts needs access to your hood, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it becomes spotless with our specialized equipment and cleaning agents.

Pressure Washing – If any surfaces need pressure washing, we can do it! We use the latest tools to remove stubborn stains and dirt.

Sanitizing – We use special sanitizing agents to kill bacteria or germs in your kitchen exhaust hood’s areas, corners, and crevices. We do this to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Exhaust Fan Hinges

An exhaust fan hinge makes it easier to access the equipment for cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. The hinge kit is installed to allow the fan to be opened, closed and locked securely with a key. You’ll benefit from the improved airflow in the kitchen and increased safety for workers who need to access the fan for cleaning.

We have qualified technicians available to spring hinge your upblast exhaust fans so you can easily open them when required. Call us today, and let us help you with this important safety feature!

Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service

The exhaust hood is the first and only defence against excess smoke and grease in restaurant kitchens. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, the hood’s efficiency will decrease dramatically, resulting in poor air circulation, fire hazards and high energy bills.

There’s no room for delays in hood cleaning because the lack of it leads to possible code violations and poses a serious risk to your staff and customers.

With expert hood cleaning from our team, you expect everything to be covered, including:

  • Grease Removal – Don’t let grease accumulate without restraint. We’ll be sure to remove all the grease build-up from your kitchen hood’s surfaces so it can work as efficiently as possible.

  • Surface Sanitation – After cleaning, we sanitize all the surfaces and crevices in the kitchen hoods to reduce the growth of bacteria and germs.

  • Power Washing – Our experts use the latest power washers to remove grease and other stubborn stains from kitchen exhaust systems, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

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Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Hood cleaning in restaurant settings must always be performed by a qualified professional, and here are the reasons why:

  • Safety – Kitchen exhaust systems pose a huge safety risk if they’re not well-maintained. A restaurant hood cleaning offers additional security against the possibility of fire and contamination.

  • Preventative Cleaning – Kitchen exhausts must be regularly cleaned to keep them operating efficiently. We offer preventative cleaning services, including inspecting and cleaning your hoods, ducts, filters and fans.

  • De-greasing – Grease is the number one cause of kitchen fires. We use effective de-greasing solutions to remove all grease build-up on surfaces, keeping your restaurant safe from potential fire hazards.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Windsor

As a professionally certified company, Windsor Hood Cleaning does the job with extra care and attention to detail. We guarantee a deep cleaning your kitchen hoods, fans and ducts that meets and exceeds industry standards.

What’s also worth mentioning is our highly competitive rates. Tell us what you expect us to do, and let us take care of it! We look forward to hearing from you. The focal point of our kitchen exhaust cleaning service is our commitment to outstanding customer service.

Let’s work together to maintain your restaurant’s safe and clean kitchen environment. Schedule an appointment with us right away!

Restaurant Exhaust Hood

Exhaust hoods in restaurant environments are highly complex and require regular maintenance to perform properly. The cleaning and maintenance of the exhaust hood require the following:

  • Regular inspections – We check all components of the exhaust hood for signs of wear and tear. This is crucial to determine if cleaning or repairs are needed.

  • Deep cleaning – Grease and dirt build up over time on the hood, fans, ducts and filters. We take care of this task by removing all the build-up using steam, degreasing, and pressure washing.

  • Hinge upblast – We recommend that you hinge your upblast exhaust fans so you can easily open them when required.

  • Rooftop grease containment – Grease extractors and rooftop grease containment systems help contain the oil and grease that can accumulate on your roof through regular kitchen operations.

Exhaust Cleaning

Exhaust cleaning is a four-step process that needs constant monitoring:

1. Pre-cleaning inspection – We inspect the entire kitchen exhaust system for possible signs of damage and wear.

2. Grease removal – Steam, degreasing agents and pressure washing are used to remove all grease build-up across the hood and ducts.

3. Sanitation – We sanitize all surfaces since they’re a breeding ground for things that could contaminate your food.

4. Post-cleaning inspection – We inspect all the components of your kitchen exhaust system to ensure that we haven’t overlooked any dirt or grease build-up.

Commercial Exhaust Hood Canada

One of the biggest hurdles to a restaurant business’s success is the inability to keep up with the regular cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen exhaust system. Without it, your facility will likely suffer from excessive grease and smoke build-up – something that will catch the attention of local fire departments and could result in hefty fines.

At Windsor Hood Cleaning, we know this all too well. Let’s create a partnership to keep your exhaust hoods clean and functioning properly. Call us – we’re honoured to be part of your future success!

Integrated Supply Air Plenums

Exhaust hood assemblies fitted with integrated supply air plenums often require regular maintenance and cleaning. Like all other components of your kitchen exhaust system, we are well-equipped to handle these tasks.

This supply air plenum draws in the ambient air from inside your kitchen and delivers it back into your restaurant. This process helps keep your workplace comfortable, allowing us to do our job more easily.  Allows us to maintain a safe work environment with regular air plenum cleaning and maintenance. Contact our team today!

Cleaning Processes

Hood cleaning is an intricate job requiring multiple steps that comprise the entire process.

Ductwork cleaning – We access the ductwork in the hope of finding any accumulation of dust and debris that needs to be cleared.

Grease removal – Grease is removed by steam-cleaning, degreasing agents, and other means available.

Exhaust fan cleaning – Before they are deep-cleaned or replaced, we thoroughly inspect the exhaust fan blades for any dirt and grease accumulation inside and outside of the unit.

Surface cleaning – All surfaces of your kitchen exhaust system are professionally scrubbed and sanitized with special degreasing agents.

Regular maintenance of the kitchen exhaust hood is paramount to ensure safe operations in a restaurant environment. Let us take care of this job for you!

Caustic Chemicals

The most obvious reason we refrain from using caustic chemicals is that we’re dealing with equipment meant to prepare food. As such, we take extreme caution to ensure that no chemical residue lingers behind on the surfaces of the exhaust hood.

We stick to steam-cleaning, degreasing, pressure washing and scrubbing to keep your kitchen free from any potential risks associated with caustic chemical residues. So far, we’ve successfully kept our customers’ kitchen exhaust hoods in top shape.

Hot Water Pressure Washing

Hot water pressure washing is the ideal solution when you’re looking to get rid of the greasy layer of carbon that’s been accumulating on your kitchen exhaust system. We blend high-powered hot water with biodegradable degreasers and detergents, plus steam cleaning methods if needed, so no trace of contamination remains after we finish.

Call Windsor Hood Cleaning right now for an effective and reliable hood cleaning job highlighted by hot water pressure washing.


It’s our job to clean your exhaust hood, and in the process, the responsibility requires that we finish the job with a thorough inspection. We carefully examine the entire kitchen exhaust system to ensure that all components are in optimal condition and no areas have been overlooked. Upon confirming everything is functioning as it should be, our work here is complete!

A comprehensive report will be furnished, containing all the details of our task, including before and after photos. That should give you the peace of mind that your kitchen exhaust system is fit for operation.

Regulation (NFPA)

Compliance with the NFPA regulations is a foremost priority for us. Our reliance on the combination of experience and modern equipment is why we exceed current standards in commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

We always deliver top-notch results with zero compromises, no hidden charges, and a dedication towards keeping kitchens up to code at all times. In short, if you hire us to clean your kitchen exhaust system, expect it to comply with the NFPA.

Industry Education

Windsor Hood Cleaning hopes to build a continuous relationship with our customers by providing quality services and customer satisfaction. Our job is to remain educated and maintain current regulations on various topics.

We believe continuous industry education also helps provide better service and an improved customer experience. This is how we strive for excellence and make sure all our food service business clients get the most out of their kitchen exhaust cleaning services.