Restaurant Cleaning Services

Two things make restaurant operations challenging: the need to serve good food at all times and the need to maintain a clean and sanitary environment constantly. For the most part, you’re focused on the former as a restaurant owner. But the latter is just as critical – if not more so – for your customers and employees.

Regularly scheduled professional cleaning services will protect your business and its reputation. Dirt, dust, food buildup, and spills make restaurants look unsanitary and can turn away customers. Professional restaurant cleaning services, however, go far beyond the basics of dusting and mopping to keep your business in the best condition possible, not to mention keeping it compliant with local health codes.

Windsor Hood Cleaning has a complete package of solutions, including floor care and restroom cleaning, dusting and sanitizing surfaces, disposing of trash, window washing, and more. These services are tailored to fit the specific needs of your business, so you’re getting precisely what you need.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Yes, daily cleaning keeps the facade and surfaces clean in your restaurant, but you need more to protect the health of your business and its customers. What we offer is as comprehensive as you can imagine:

1 – Floor cleaning

2 – Kitchen equipment cleaning

3 – Restroom cleaning and janitorial services

4 – Dusting and sanitizing surfaces

5 – Trash disposal

6 – Window washing

7- Carpet cleaning

8- Pressure washing

9- Special event cleanup

10 – Degreasing

A busy restaurant doesn’t have to put off regular cleaning; it just needs professional help. With our experienced staff, your restaurant will remain compliant and ready for business.

Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services

The strict implementation of health regulations in Windsor, Ontario, is why restaurants in this city are the most cleaned and sanitized. Unfortunately, some food establishments still fail to recognize the value of regularly cleaning and sanitizing their premises.

A team of experienced professionals who acknowledge how restaurant operations work is the key to consistent, high-quality cleaning. Our commercial cleaning and janitorial services are performed in a way that does not disrupt your business operations. The focus is on providing cleaning services that maintain your restaurant’s interior and exterior in top condition. Our company has been providing quality janitorial services to restaurants in Windsor for many years, so you can trust the results!

High-Standard Restaurant Cleaning Services

A high-standard restaurant cleaning job is comprised of the following:

1 – Floor care: Mopping, vacuuming and polishing to ensure your entire establishment sparkles.

2 – Kitchen cleaning: Cleaning all surfaces, cabinets, appliances, hoods and exhaust fans to remove grease build-up and prevent the spread of germs.

3 – Restroom cleanliness: Our staff will make sure the restroom is always clean and well-stocked with toilet paper, soap and other materials.

4 – Dusting: Dust must be removed from all surfaces to keep your restaurant looking its best.

5 – Trash disposal: Trash must be removed regularly to reduce health risks and unpleasant odours.

6 – Window washing: To remove dirt, grime and fingerprints, windows must be washed.

7 – Carpet cleaning: Regular carpet cleaning ensures that carpets stay free of stains and look great.

8 – Pressure washing: Pressure washing removes dirt, debris, grease and other contaminants from the exterior of your restaurant.

9 – Special event cleanup: We provide everything from deep cleaning to trash removal for special events.

10 – Degreasing: Our staff uses special degreasing products to remove tough grease buildup from all surfaces.

Keep your business on top of its game by making your premises clean and inviting to customers. Contact Windsor Hood Cleaning to get started!

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Why professional restaurant cleaning services?

It’s easy to see why restaurant cleaning services are essential. A professional team provides you with far better results than an in-house cleaning staff and allows you to focus on running your business rather than worrying about its cleanliness of it.

Your restaurant’s reputation is at stake, and failure to comply with health regulations will lead to serious consequences, including fines and closure. Professional restaurant cleaning services will see that you meet the strict regulations and standards.

So, if your restaurant needs reliable janitorial services or professional cleaning solutions, contact us today!

Efficient, Timely Service

Our people are the best at what they do because they are trained and experienced in all aspects of restaurant cleaning. They work quickly without compromising the quality of their work, so they can always deliver results on time.

Our company’s commitment is towards the safety and satisfaction of our customers, and we do it by guaranteeing a quick turnaround, regardless of how big the cleaning job is. Since we’ve been in this business for so long, we know what needs to be done to finish a job quickly. We know all too well that restaurant operators don’t want their business disrupted as it correlates to the loss of revenue.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the perfect solution in a commercial kitchen setting, including that of a restaurant. We list four reasons why it’s an indispensable element of restaurant cleaning services:

1 – Sanitation: High-temperature steam removes bacteria and other pathogens from surfaces and crevices, eliminating the risk of food contamination.

2 – Odour control: Steam is an excellent odour neutralizer as its high temperature eliminates offensive smells that accumulate in restaurants over time.

3 – Grease removal: Steam cleaning effectively removes built-up grease from ovens, grills and other surfaces.

4 – Appearance: Steam cleaning leaves surfaces looking new and refreshed with deep cleaning action.


High Dusting

High dusting uses telescoping poles to reach high ceilings, walls, nooks, and crannies where hard-to-reach dust accumulates. It’s often an overlooked component of restaurant cleaning, yet it’s also one of the most important.

High dusting is necessary to prevent build-up and keep your restaurant free from health hazards such as mould, bacteria, and allergens. It also ensures that customers don’t leave with a foul taste in their mouths after experiencing poor air quality. Contaminants easily accumulate in areas that aren’t covered by daily cleaning.

Call our team if you don’t want even the smallest corners of your restaurant ignored. We’ll take care of them with our specialized high-dusting services.

Sanitizing Services

A sanitizing service aims to reduce the number of bacteria and other microorganisms on a surface. This means that foodborne illness is less likely to be transmitted through contact with surfaces.

Our cleaners use specialized cleaning products, mops, and clothes specifically designed for restaurants. We sanitize with one thing in mind: the safety of restaurant goers. This process differs from all other cleaning services as it is done with attention to detail and is extremely effective in reducing bacteria within the premises of a food service establishment.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Windsor

Your restaurant’s facade or front-of-house area is crucial to customer retention. If your customers see it as dirty or unkempt, they won’t be likely to come back. So, as a restaurant manager, you’re likely to focus on cleaning the exterior of your food service establishment to make a great first impression. But the problem is that your customers won’t stay long if the kitchen, where all the food is prepared, isn’t clean and sanitary enough.

The commercial kitchen needs a deep cleaning treatment at regular intervals. This isn’t only about complying with health and safety regulations and maintaining a good reputation. Hire Windsor Hood Cleaning to take care of this chore. We perform a comprehensive kitchen cleaning service to ensure your customers will return and become your patrons.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning service is made up of the following:

  • Revitalize your floors, walls and other surfaces with steam cleaning – a simple yet effective way to clean without harsh chemicals.

  • Deep scrubbing of tiles and other areas to remove grease and grime.

  • High dusting of ceilings, fans, vents, and wall fixtures.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing all cooking materials, such as ovens, stoves, worktops, sinks and other hard surfaces, is a must in the kitchen.

  • Disinfecting all surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria and bugs.

  • Hood cleaning to remove build-up from hood vents, ducts and filters.

This comprehensive list of services ensures your kitchen is safe for food preparation and meets all health regulations.

Windsor Restaurant Cleaning Company

We’re the best and most experienced restaurant cleaning company in Windsor, ON. We do things with extra care and stability, which gives you peace of mind knowing your establishment is in safe hands with us.

Trust us with the following services:

  • Hood Cleaning

  • Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

  • Exterior Pressure Washing

  • Steam and Power Washing

Call us today – the only way to realize what we mean is if you start working with our professional team of cleaners.

Restaurant Cleaning Services Windsor

A highly specific set of cleaning protocols must be followed to ensure safety and hygiene in a food establishment. The best way to guarantee a detailed cleaning output is by hiring a professional restaurant cleaning company that can:

  • Assess the restaurant for hazards and potential health risks.

  • Provide a tailored cleaning program to meet all standards and regulations.

  • Use specialized equipment to perform a deep cleaning

  • Carry out intricate washing of surfaces, fixtures, walls and floors.

  • Conduct regular sanitizing services to reduce the presence of bacteria.

  • Use effective products to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

We design a cleaning program that meets your restaurant’s needs and ensures that safety requirements are met.

Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services in Windsor

When you hire our team for commercial restaurant cleaning, you’re getting these perks in return:

  • Comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing service.

  • Cleaning solutions suited to the food industry standards.

  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections, cross-contamination, and pests.

  • An aesthetically pleasing environment for your customers.

  • Timely and quality output from experienced professionals.

  • Cost-effective services designed to fit your budget.

Contact us now for the best cleaning services in Ontario!

Windsor Restaurant Floor Cleaning Services

Floor cleaning is a mundane task that needs to be taken care of regularly, and is especially important in the restaurant industry. Windsor cleaners can make this job easier with our floor cleaning services:

  • Professional-grade cleaning solutions for the effective removal of dirt, grease and food particles from your floors

  • Sweeping up larger debris before mopping

  • Mop with an approved cleaning solution

  • Cleaning of floor mats, rugs and carpets

  • Treat floors for better protection from dirt and bacteria.

Your cleaning staff can do floor cleaning, but we do it better!

Professional Restaurant Cleaners in Windsor

Our cleaning services cover all aspects of your restaurant, from the floors and furniture to the walls. We use only top-notch professional products and tools that guarantee maximum hygiene levels while complying with food safety regulations.

What most other restaurant cleaning crews will miss, we will not. We check and double-check every aspect of your restaurant so there’s not one corner or surface that isn’t absolutely clean. If you think you need this service, all you must do is contact us and let us clean your restaurant.

Cleaning Techniques and Equipment

These techniques highlight our restaurant cleaning service:

  • Disinfection with organic compounds

  • High-pressure steam cleaning

  • Dusting and polishing

  • Vacuuming and mopping floor areas

  • Curtain cleaning

  • Furniture upholstery sanitization

  • Sanitary fittings cleaning

  • Hygiene equipment disinfection

  • Deep cleaning the food preparation area

If you require the most comprehensive cleaning for your restaurant, work it out by calling us today. We’ll give you a free estimate!