Windsor Kitchen Exhaust Hood Filters

Grease and grime collected from cooking vapours will accumulate in the filters of a kitchen exhaust hood. How you respond to it determines whether the filters will be cleaned or replaced. When the buildup has become too stiff and stubborn to remove, you don’t have a choice but to replace the exhaust hood filter.

But you can avoid a premature replacement if you regularly clean the filters. In a commercial kitchen, hood filters go through a deep cleaning once a month. Ideally, a professional cleaning company must go in and check the level of dirt buildup on the filters.

On top of that, you should also be prompt in replacing kitchen exhaust hood filters when necessary. A quality replacement guarantees your kitchen remains safe from smoke and grease buildup within the hood.

Regarding efficiency, two filters are used for kitchen exhaust hoods: baffle and mesh. The former has long horizontal slots and curved surfaces that separate grease particles from the air; the latter has a finer mesh that traps the grease particles.

Our kitchen exhaust hood filters are designed to provide maximum protection for your commercial kitchen. These filters come with double-walled construction and high-grade stainless steel material for superior quality. The extra-deep filter pans have an industrial-grade galvanized finish to ensure longevity.

Windsor Kitchen Exhaust Hood Filters
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Windsor Kitchen Exhaust Hood Filters
Restaurant Hood Filters & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining restaurant hood filters is one of Windsor Hood Cleaning’s specialties. We do the following:

  • Teardown and inspection of the filters

  • Removal of accumulated grease

  • Disposal of used filters in an eco-friendly manner

  • Installation of new replacement filters

We provide your commercial kitchen with reliable and efficient exhaust hood filter cleaning services, including installation and maintenance. Call us immediately to get started on this new and improved exhaust hood filter system.

Types of Hood Filters for Windsor Restaurants

Restaurants and other food service businesses get to choose from a wide array of kitchen exhaust hood filters:

  • Grease traps: These traps are made of stainless steel and used to capture grease particles from cooking vapours.

  • Charcoal filters: Charcoal filters effectively remove unpleasant odours from the air in your kitchen.

  • Mesh Filters: Mesh filters have a more intricate design, making them ideal for trapping small particles such as dust and smoke.

  • Baffle filters: Baffle filters are the most common type of hood filter. They comprise a series of horizontal louvre blades in metal and plastic varieties.

  • Oil mist separators: Oil mist separators are typically used in deep-frying operations. The filter contains an oil catch tray that filters the air and collects oil particles.

We only supply, install, and maintain high-quality kitchen exhaust hood filters to guarantee the safety of yo

Commercial Hood Filters in Windsor

As much as you want to believe you can keep your kitchen safe from grease and smoke with a few DIY cleaning efforts, that’s not the case. Professional hood filter services are needed to maintain your kitchen exhaust hood filters.

Even a high-quality commercial-grade filter will give in to the grease and smoke build-up if not serviced regularly. We clean exhaust hood filters at Windsor Hood Cleaning, ensuring airflows are free from grease and debris.

We also install and provide maintenance for the various types of commercial kitchen hood filters mentioned above so your kitchen remains safe from hazardous particles in the air. Contact us now if you need professional help with your kitchen exhaust hood filter system!

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Restaurant's Hood Filters

Hood filters act as the first line of defence for your kitchen in combatting grease, smoke, and other contaminants that would otherwise build up on the kitchen exhaust hood. Without proper cleaning and maintenance of these filters, your food could become contaminated with hazardous particles, leading to health issues for your customers.

With a good filter system in place, you guarantee the safety of your kitchen staff during cooking and prep work. Allow us to choose the right filter for your kitchen and maintain them regularly.

We guarantee premium services with every hood filter installation, cleaning, and maintenance job. All you need to do is give us a call. We’re giving a free estimate for all Windsor, ON restaurants, so don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Schedule A Hood Filter Cleaning in Windsor ON

Scheduling a hood filter cleaning session with us is easy:

Step 1 – Call our team at Windsor Hood Cleaning and let us know the type of hood filter you have and its location in your kitchen.

Step 2 – We’ll provide a free quote for our services and schedule an appointment with you when it’s convenient for both parties.

Step 3 – Our team will arrive on time and complete the hood filter cleaning job with minimal disruption to your operations.

Step 4 – After the service, we’ll provide a detailed report of our findings and follow up with you within 24 hours to answer any questions.

Schedule a hood filter cleaning today by contacting us here.

Hood Filter Replacement from Windsor Hood Cleaning

A few signs point to the need to replace a kitchen hood filter. Although we recommend cleaning the filter first, these scenarios necessitate replacement:

  • Repair isn’t possible due to extensive damage

  • The kitchen hood filter is already beyond its lifespan

  • The grease has corroded the filter beyond repair

  • Your kitchen needs a more efficient filter for higher protection.

We are certified in hood filter replacement and recommend the best kitchen filters. Contact us now for a free quote!


Hood Filters Service Windsor

Our hood filter services for all food service establishments in Windsor, Ontario, include:

  • Cleaning: We use only the best tools and methods to clean your kitchen hood filters.

  • Replacement: We can replace any filter, including baffle, mesh, carbon, and pleated filters.

  • Maintenance: Our technicians will inspect the exhaust system for any signs of wear and tear that require repair or replacement.

  • Installation: We guarantee that the hood filters will be installed based on the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure the safety of your kitchen.

Cleaning Hood Filters in Windsor

Modern hood filters for commercial hoods can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon. Each requires a different cleaning method to remain grease-free, and the filter system works properly.

Stainless steel filters must be cleaned using chemical degreasers and a soft brush, while aluminum filters require mild detergent and warm water with scrubbing. Carbon hood filters need frequent replacement instead of cleaning because they absorb fumes that can’t be removed by hand.

Let our team handle the cleaning process for your kitchen hood filters. Contact us now!

Range Hood Filters

Kitchen exhaust system filters require attention because they quickly become clogged with grease and dust. Under normal operation, the filter system will remain in good condition for approximately two years before being serviced or replaced. But commercial kitchens require frequent filter cleaning and replacement for the hood to work as it should.

Our range hood filters are easy to remove and look after. We offer baffle, mesh, carbon, and pleated filters made from durable materials that stay in good condition with proper care. Contact us now for a free quote and to learn more about our hood filter services.

Charcoal Filters for Range Hood

Our clients ask why we recommend charcoal filters for range hoods in commercial kitchen settings. Charcoal filters are the best choice to capture heat, smoke, and odours from the kitchen exhaust system. They combine electrostatic filtration and active carbon to trap grease particles and provide a cleaner air stream that doesn’t contaminate surrounding areas.

Although they’re typically replaced rather than cleaned, charcoal filters are economical and help commercial kitchens maintain high hygiene. If you need to replace the charcoal filter in your kitchen exhaust system, contact us today for more information.

Replace Hood Filters Windsor

The replacement of hood filters in your restaurant is a job we do with extreme care and attention to detail. Our technicians examine your system for damage or signs that the filter must be replaced. If so, we’ll advise you on the best filter type for your kitchen exhaust system so you won’t have to worry about accumulating grease and smoke.

Whether you need to replace your hood filters, install a new one, or clean them, contact Windsor Hood Cleaning today!